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Communication of Knowledge / Science Journalism

pigeon post

pigeon post
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Garystr. 55
Room 277-279
14195 Berlin

Office hours

Contact Ms Herber for any information about our programme and ongoing projects.

The research and teaching of our division pursues a long tradition at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies. Our research aims at the systematic and comparative analysis of the functions and the structures of science communication as well as its reception and its prospects in various public arenas. This analysis includes comprehensive, theory-driven empirical research of science journalism on different levels.

Additionally, we focus on the various connections between knowledge, science, and communication which gain influence in other forums of public communication (e.g. science PR, infotainment). In this context, we address basic forms (differentiation, self-reference, selectivity) and new developments of science communication in the public sphere (e.g. edutainment) as well as their reciprocal effects on science as a social system (e. g. mediatization). In our theoretical and empirical research we are also strongly interested in emerging risk problems and disputed key technologies (e.g. genetic engineering or nanotechnology). Thus, we perceive risk communication, uncertainty research and crisis communication as integral parts of science communication in the public sphere.