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Welcome Dr. Lena Masch!

Dr. Lena Masch

Dr. Lena Masch
Image Credit: LM

News from Jul 11, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Lena Masch has joined the team of the Center for Political Sociology of Germany in April 2023. She will continue her research on a political science project within the Einstein Unit "Climate and Water under Change" (CliWaC) until the end of 2024. The project focuses primarily on analyses of the perception of climate change within the population as well as the acceptance of various climate policy measures and the readiness to pursue a sustainable way of life.

Further information on Lena Masch's teaching, research and publications can be found here. We recently presented a recent publication by Lena Masch in our News. You can also read more about CliWaC on our project page.

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