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Workshop Papers: EU Enlargement SEE

News from Feb 03, 2009



List of discussants




1. Legitimacy of the EU’s Political Conditions in Candidate Countries: The Case of Turkey, Dr. Isik Gurleyen, Izmir University of Economics 


2. EU Political Conditionality towards Serbia: Membership Prospects vs. Domestic Constraints,   Mrs. Jelena Stojanovic, Central European University, Budapest


3. Democratisation and Europeanisation of Political Parties in Montenegro, Mr. Zlatko Vujovic, University of Montenegro


4. Institutional Reforms, domestic Needs, and Membership Conditionality: the Case of the Albanian Institutional Reforms, Mr. Ridvan Peshkopia, University of Kentucky and Arben Imami, Institute for Political Studies



5. Compliance without Governance: The Role of NGOs in Environmental Policy Formation and Implementation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dr. Adam Fagan and Dr. Indraneel Sircar, Queen Mary University, London


6. The Mushrooming of NGOs? The Case of Assistance to Civil Society in Albania, Dr. Judith Hoffmann, Humboldt University, Berlin


7. Energy Community: Rationale Behind and Implementation to Date of the Regional Electricity Market in South East Europe, Mrs. Rozeta Karova, European University Institute, Florence


8. The Fight Against Organised Crime in the Process of EU Enlargement in the Balkans: The Case of Bulgaria, Mrs. Katerina Gachevska, University of Wolverhampton


9. The Post-Accession Crisis in Bulgaria and Romania: Lessons Learned and Perceived Effects Upon Future EU Enlargements, Dr. Svetlozar A. Andreev, European Commission, Brussels 



10. The European Union, the SAP and the Kosovo Conundrum: Applying the Instruments of EU Enlargement in a Situation of Legal Uncertainty, Dr. Christian Pippan, Karl-Franzens University, Graz


11. Europeanisation, Conditionality and State Building in Kosovo –The Elusive Pursuit of EU Actorness, Dr. Dimitris Papadimitriou, University of  Manchester


12. Promoting Minority Protection in CEE and Western Balkans in the Context of EU accession – A Revised Strategy? Mrs. Manuela Riedel, Cologne University


13. Europeanising the Citizenship Policies: the Case of Yugoslavia’s Successor States, Mr. Igor Stiks, University of Edinburgh


14. Bosnia and Herzegovina Towards the EU membership,  Dr. Senada Selo Sabic, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb



15. The Effects of EU Cards on Administrative Capacity in the Western Balkans, Mr. Eleftherios Antonopoulos, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


16. Reforming Public Administration in Albania: Europeanization or Business as Usual? Dr. Arolda Elbasani, Free University, Berlin


17. The Impact of the European Union on Governance in South Eastern EuropeMr. Martin Mendelski, ESCP-EAP Berlin, European School of Management


18. Consolidation of Weak States through SAP: The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Mrs. Majda Idrizbegovic, European University Institute, Florence  (Annex)


19. The ‘Europeanisation’ of Croatia’s Regional (Development) Politics: A Historical-Sociological Institutionalist Interpretation of Change, Mr. Georgios Chatziyiagkou, University of York


20. One Size Fits all? The EU’s Principle of Conditionality Towards the Western Balkans,  Mrs. Pamela Luckau, Humboldt University, Berlin