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Prof. Dr. Abdulkader Tayob

Abdulkader Tayob
Bildquelle: Abdulkader Tayob

Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town

Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Cape Town

PI Subproject: Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Cape Town

Abdulkader Tayob is Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Cape Town. He
obtained his doctoral degree in 1989 from Temple University in the United States. Tayob is a
recognized scholar in the study of modern Islam in general, and Islam in Africa in particular.
His recent books on Education (2011), Modern Islam (2009) and a collaborative translation
of an early historical text (2011), add to his earlier books on Islam in South Africa. Currently,
he is working on the interface between religion, Islam and ethics. He has to his name
numerous articles and book chapters.