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Doing Research “Out of Vengeance” – An Interview with Aymen Amayed by André Weißenfels

News vom 15.03.2022

Aymen Amayed is an independent Tunisian researcher based in Tunis. He is currently contributing to a research project about margins and marginality at the Department of Conflict and Development Studies at Ghent University. The interview was conducted during André Weißenfels’ MECAM fellowship on a research tour through different oases in Southern Tunisia, organized by OSAE (L’Observatoire de la Souveraineté Alimentaire et del’Environnement). In this interview, Aymen Amayed reflects on the history of conflicts between central powers and tribes in Tunisia and considers how this history is connected to different forms of social inequality and mobility.

Read the interview on TRAFO - Blog for Transregional Research: https://trafo.hypotheses.org/32093

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