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Course-specific Questions: MA Media & Political Communication/ MA Media & Communication Studies

Prospective Students with international degrees need to apply online at uni-assist e.V, the working service point for international student applications, from April 15 to May 31. Please find further information here.

Due to the current situation, the application period for limited master degree programs will be changed for the winter semester 2020/21: May 04, 2020 – June 30, 2020.

An application to both master’s programs must display program achievements which are equivalent to at least 60 ECTS in media, communication or journalism studies. At least 10 out of these 60 ECTS must be successfully completed social science method classes. As part of your application you must present significant proof that your degree meets these criteria (Transcript of Records). In case student’s bachelor’s degrees do not have informed ties to the field of media and communication studies, students will not meet the application requirements and an application for our master’s programs will not be successful.

The approval process which assesses the extent of relevant subjects also approves methods classes from other social sciences as well as final assignments with informed ties to media and communication studies. Job experiences in journalism and/or public relations cannot be taken into account for the evaluation of your degree.

Please provide a summary of all relevant classes including a description of their subjects (e.g. from the catalog of courses) and include references for the information stated (e.g. URL). Please include a written confirmation from your higher education institution or from the course instructor for courses that do not appear to be relevant at first sight because of their title. Such a confirmation should explicitly state in how far media and communication studies have been subject of the course (or subject of the final assignment).

Yes, if you are going to complete your program during the summer semester. Please provide an official confirmation from your higher education institution which states all courses and proficiency levels or grades (Transcript of Records). The Transcript of Records must include your overall grade. Further information on the application procedure can be found here.

In case you get approved, you must provide your degree certificate after enrollment within the first semester.

Freie Universität Berlin offers a variety of master’s programs taught in English that do not require proof of German language skills. General information on master’s programs at Freie Universität Berlin can be found here.

Information on the subjects can be found in the program description on the homepage of Freie Universität Berlin. An overview of the recommended progress of the program (plan of study) including the titles of each study unit can be found here. Detailed information on the program’s contents and on the course of studies is provided in the study and examination regulations (pdf-file, in German).

Graduates of the master’s programs in Media and Political Communication as well as in Media and Communication Studies are qualified to work in both, academic and applied teaching and research environments. The graduates of the Media and Political Communication program are prepared for leadership positions in the media and other organizations involved in political communication. Additional career options are in the areas of media policy, political consulting and political education. A combination of basic and applied research allows graduates of the Media and Communication Studies program to enter various professions within communication and media research, but also within journalism, organizational communication, public relations, advertising, entertainment and media management and consulting.

Information on PhD programs at Freie Universität Berlin is provided in the doctoral studies portal. Furthermore, information on PhD opportunities can be found on the website of the Institute for Media and Communication Studies and on the website of the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Further information:

For general questions regarding language requirements, tuition fees and further information on studying in Germany, please click here.