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Research group Digitalisation and the Transnational Public Sphere at the ECPR

News vom 12.08.2020

The 14th ECPR General Conference takes place virtually this year from August 24th to August 28th. It is one of the most prominent conferences in Europe dedicated to political research. Our research group Digitalisation and the Transnational Public Sphere (Weizenbaum Institute / FU Berlin) takes part in the conference by organizing two thematic panels and giving five talks. The panels and talks prepared by the group are discussing the results of studies exploring communication patterns of European right-wing parties during election campaigns, anti-elitism of radical right actors, antifeminism and national feminism in online space, migration of radical right actors to safer digital platforms, and connections between digital media and local protests. You can find a more detailed timetable on the website of the conference: https://ecpr.eu/Events/AcademicProgramme/Timetable/156. See you at ECPR!

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