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Curriculum MA Media and Communication Studies

The consecutive Master’s program Media and Communication Studies (mainly taught in German) attracts outstanding B.A. graduates of media and communication studies from all over the world. Focal points are:

  • Journalism, public relations, advertising and entertainment as a form of public communication
  • Media systems and media history
  • Media use and media effects
  • Research and methodology in communication studies

Research Competency and Career Opportunities

Students of the Master’s program acquire the theoretical, analytical, and methodological competencies to critically and independently analyze current communication problems in a constantly changing media environment. The Berlin based institute's diverse program enables students to gain research-oriented qualifications across all academic fields related to Media and Communication Studies.

The graduates of the Master's program are fully prepared for a career, both inside and outside the university. A combination of basic and applied research allows them to enter various professions within communication and media research, but also within journalism, organizational communication, public relations, advertising, entertainment, and media management and consulting.

The Master’s program consists of eight modules spanning four semesters. Students complete a Master’s thesis of approximately 60 pages in the fourth semester. The courses are taught in German and some in English (maximum 25 %).

Semester Module



Media Use and Media Effects *

Communication Research Methods

Journalism – Publics – Entertainment



Media Organizations, Systems and History



Organizational Communication, Public Relations and Advertising

Academic Elective (Current Communication Research or International Communication) Practical Elective



Applied Communication Research Master's thesis

* The module descriptions are in German.