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19. - 20. April 2013

Workshop "EU External Environmental Governance Beyond its Neighbourhood"

This workshop adopts a wide angle on a broad variety of different external governance efforts in which the EU engages, including international negotiations, policy promotion and the use of market power. It strives to analyse the effectiveness of different EU external environmental governance efforts, to identify different patterns EU external environmental governance and to explore the conditions in non-EU countries and internationally that enable or impede effective EU external governance. ...[read more]





14. - 15. December 2012

International Conference "Transformative Power of Europe 2.0: The Road Ahead"

The 2012 international conference of the KFG will brought around 50 current and alumni KFG fellows from all over the world. By mirroring the latest research agenda of the KFG and under titles such as "European Identity and Its Consequences", "Inside Out: EU and Comparative Regionalism" and "The EU and the Global Economy", eight panels discussed various aspects of the current research on European affairs and beyond. ...[read more]



23. - 24. November 2012

International Conference "The Financial Crises in comparative regional perspective: Can Europe Learn from other Regions?"

The European financial crisis, the Asian crisis in 1997 and the Latin American crisis in 1982 are all regional phenomena. Due to political, economic and financial regional interdependencies of private and sovereign financial institutions, the crises spread within the regions. ...[read more]



25. - 27. October 2012

International Conference "Environmental Protection in the Global Twentieth Century: International Organizations, Networks and the Diffusion of Ideas and Policies"

Issues of pollution, excessive use of natural resources, nature protection and climate change transcend national boundaries. They tend to be of a regional or even global scope. ...[read more]



8. - 9. June 2012

Workshop "Europe and the Arab Region Post January 2011. Coping with Multifaceted Challenges"

This workshop focused on the debate regarding the Euro-Arab relations and how the EU can effectively reinvent its role amid challenging security, political, economic and social contexts. ...[read more]



7. June 2012

Book Presentation: “Policy Chance in the EU’s Immediate Neighbourhood: A Sectoral Approach”

An invitation to a book presentation at the Europäisches Haus in Berlin. ...[read more]



2. June 2012

Long Night of Science at the Freie Universität, 2 June 2012

The Kolleg-Forschergruppe was involved with the next Long Night of Science at the Freie Universität Berlin. ...[read more]


13. - 14. January 2012

Authors' Workshop "European Public Spheres: Bringing Politics Back In"

The second Author's Workshop organized by Marianne van de Steeg and Thomas Risse. ...[read more]




15. - 17. December 2011

International Conference "Europe From the Outside In?"

The 2011 internationale conference of the Kolleg-Forschergruppe focused on the EU at the receiving end of external influences and the diffusion of ideas, policies, and institutions into Europe. ...[read more]



28. - 29. October 2011

Workshop "Regional Organisations as Global Players. Active = Influential?"

ASEAN, the EU, MERCOSUR, the ANDEAN Community, CARICOM, the African Union, ECOWAS, SAARC, SADC, OAS, the Arab League, NAFTA and others illustrate that there are hardly any parts of the world in which cooperation between states is not institutionalised on a regional basis. While regional integration has mainly started off as cooperation between its members in the economic realm, the foreign policy component (including but not confined to external trade policy) became increasingly important in the last decades. ...[read more]


19. October 2011

Humboldt Lecture with Prof. Dr. Gary Marks: "Europe and its Empires; From Rome to the European Union"

The Freie Universität Berlin, in cooperation with the Kolleg-Forschergruppe „The Transformative Power of Europe“, and the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation cordially invited to a special lecture by the winner of the Humboldt Research Award, Prof. Dr. Gary Marks. Click here for more a report and some impressions.


12. July 2011

Lecture: Three Scenes of Sovereignty and Power. The ascent of China, regionalism, and the global nonproliferation regime

The Kolleg-Forschergruppe „The Transformative Power of Power“ (KFG) invites you to a lecture with Etel Solingen, Chancellor’s Professor at the University of California Irvine and currently visiting scholar at the KFG at the Freie Universität Berlin. ...[read more]


7. - 8. July 2011

Workshop: "Mapping agency. Comparing regionalisms in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Although regionalism has developed into a global phenomenon, it is often enough treated as a distinct ‘European idea’. Despite long-standing theoretical disputes between disciplines, academic work still tends to present the EU as ‘promoter’ of the ‘idea of regionalism’, regional initiatives are examined in terms of being shaped by EU policies and regional institutions are measured against the model of the EU. ...[read more]


2. - 4. July 2011

Conference: "Faraway, So Close? Reaching beyond the Pro/Contra Controversy on Turkey ’s EU Accession"

The second part of a conference that aims to turn the by now conventional EU-Turkey controversy into a conversation by bringing scholars from various fields together to critically revisit core themes of Turkey’s accession in search for innovative approaches (programme (PDF) / report on the 1st part).



29. June 2011

Berlin Sustainability Talk: M. K. Dorsey on "Which Way for the EU-ETS?"

The Research College “Transformative Power of Europe” and the Environmental Policy Research Centre cordially invited  to a joint Berlin Sustainability Talk. We were glad to welcome Dr. M. K. Dorsey, whose presentation was on "Which Way for the EU-ETS? Crisis & Opportunity in the European Union Emission Trading Scheme". ...[read more]



6. June 2011

Jour Fixe: „Global Shift: How the West Should Respond to the Rise of China”

The Research College “Transformative Power of Europe” and the Center for Area Studies cordially invited to the next meeting within our “KFG- Jour Fixe”-series where researchers from the Transatlantic Academy (Washington) presented their report on „Global Shift: How the West Should Respond to the Rise of China”. ...[read more]

20. - 21. May 2011

Workshop: "Transatlantic Community and Rising Powers in Global Economy"

A workshop which was organized by the Transatlantic Academy in cooperation with the Kolleg-Forschergruppe “Transformative Power of Europe”.



6. May 2011

Research Workshop on "Environmental Governance in South East Europe and the Western Balkans: The Transformative Power of Europe?"

A LSEE-KFG workshop that aimed to bring together scholars and practitioners, both within Western Europe and the region, working on aspects of environmental governance and regulation in new member states. ...[read more]


3. - 5. February 2011

Conference on "Faraway, So Close? Reaching beyond the Pro/Contra Controversy on Turkey ’s EU Accession"

A conference that aimed to turn the by now conventional EU-Turkey controversy into a conversation by bringing scholars from various fields together to critically revisit core themes of Turkey’s accession in search for innovative approaches ...[read more]






12 / 2010

PhD-Workshop on Multi-Level Governance

A PhD-Workshop on Multi-Level Governance that was organized by Prof. Liesbet Hooghe and Prof. Gary Marks.


12 / 2010

International Conference on "The Diffusion of Regional Integration"

The Kolleg-Forschergruppe “Transformative Power of Europe” organized an International Conference on “THE DIFFUSION OF REGIONAL INTEGRATION”, Berlin, December 10-11, 2010 ...[read more]


12 / 2010

Workshop on "How Does Europe diffuse? - Comparative Regionalism and the Causal Mechanisms of Diffusion"

A workshop by Dr. Anja Jetschke and Dr. des. Osvaldo Saldias that brought together researchers focusing on the empirical investigation and theoretical penetration of processes of transnational diffusion ...[read more]

12 / 2010

Workshop on "Rethinking Capitalist Governance after the Crises"

This workshop was organized by Prof. David Levi-Faur in cooperation with Diether Plehwe from the Social Science Research Center (WZB). Please have a look at the programme for further information.


10 / 2010

Panel Discussion on "Beyond YES / NO – a community of Europeans?"

A panel discussion concerning "A Community of Europeans?" by Prof. Thomas Risse, KFG Research Director ...[read more (PDF)]


10 / 2010

Workshop on "The Other Side of the Coin: The Single Currency and European Citizenship"

A workshop that was organized in cooperation with FONDACA (Active Citizenship Foundation, Rome) and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “EU and its Citizens” [Programme (PDF)]. Please visit the official website for further information such as a detailed report on the workshop (PDF).


02 / 2010

Workshop on "The Contentious Face of European Politics"

A workshop by Nicole Doerr and Amelie Kutter on how  non-state actors and institutions spread their competing visions of Europe and the EU in the media, in transnational publics, and on the streets ...[read more]


02 / 2010

Workshop on "Discursive Institutionalism"

A workshop organized by Vivien A. Schmidt that considered questions related to the ways in which ideas and discourse are developed theoretically, including the nature of ideas and discourse-as-representation, the interactive processes of discourse, and the institutional context within which ideas and discourse are situated...[read more (PDF)]





12 / 2009

International Conference on "The Transformative Power of Europe"

The opening conference of the Kolleg-Forschergruppe "The Transformative Power of Europe", held in Berlin ...[read more]


04 / 2009

Lecture Series on "The Transformative Power of Europe"

A lecture series (summer term 2009) of Kolleg-Forschergruppe "The Transformative Power of Europe" that gave an overview of the research programme ...[read more (PDF)]


04 / 2009

Panel Discussion on "Der EuGH in der Kontroverse"

A panel discussion concerning the political ambivalence of integration through law ...[read more (German)]


02 / 2009

Workshop on "EU Enlargement and Institutional Reform in Southeast Europe"

A workshop that was organized by Arolda Elbasani in order to explore whether and to what extent the Stabilization and Association Process has fostered the promised transformation in the target countries in the Balkans, focusing on various areas of institutional change. ...[read more]